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KB Tools – TB04-18

KB Tools – TB04-18


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8PC Short and Long Pick Set Foam Tray

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8PC Short and Long Pick Set Foam Tray

Designed to Accommodate Snap On 4PC Short (SGASA204C) and Long (SGLASA204C) Pick Sets, 17.7in. x 6.9in. x 0.7in.


SO Set SO PN Description
SGASA204C SG3ASAC Instinct® Mini Awl
SGASA204C SG3ASH45C Instinct® 45° Tip Miniature Pick
SGASA204C SG3ASH90C Instinct® 90° Tip Miniature Pick
SGASA204C SG3ASHC Instinct® Miniature Hook
SGLASA204C SGL3ASAC Instinct® Long Mini Awl
SGLASA204C SGL3ASH45C Instinct® Long 45° Tip Miniature Pick
SGLASA204C SGL3ASH90C Instinct® Long 90° Tip Miniature Pick
SGLASA204C SGL3ASHC Instinct® Long Miniature Hook


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 17.7 × 6.9 × .7 in

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